Sunday Afternoon Exploration

scenery_18A couple of weeks ago we took a Sunday afternoon drive to Central City Colorado and surrounding areas just for fun, and, as usual, we came away with some very interesting shots. One of our favorite things to do is go out with our cameras and look for anything at all that looks like it might make a good photo. Granted, we end up discarding a lot of things that didn’t end up being as interesting as we first thought, but in the end we always end up with a few that are special, at least we think so. The day was one of those picture perfect days (no pun intended), where the sky had brilliant blue and the sun was bright. Since it is still Springtime in the Rockies there was great contrast of color with fresh bright green aspen leaves and snow capped peaks. Even though we were not shooting during the golden hour, there were plenty of opportunities if you looked at things with a creative eye. Take the photo of the aspen leaves above for instance. Nothing special about aspen leaves in general except I saw an opportunity to capture the essence of what the day was like, bright sunshine resting on newly grown aspen leaves creating interesting shadows among the other leaves with bright blue sky in the background. It just seemed like an image that made you realize that this is a great day! Stay tuned, more to come.