Capture The Heart!

RangerRunWe Love taking pictures of animals, especially dogs in action. Here is where we really try to not only take a great shot, but also really capture the heart of the animal doing things that they love to do. In this case we were playing ball with our dog Ranger, one of his most favorite things to do.  Getting great action shots like this requires a fairly fast shutter speed, which also may require a higher ISO setting in lower light. Creating great bokeh at the same time requires some prior planning and a continuous shutter of 4 or more frames per second doesn’t hurt either just to be sure that your shooting at the split second that everything is just right to bring home that action shot. This is a picture that we will enjoy for many years because it will remind us of Rangers heart, which is so clearly captured in this photo in his eyes and face. So, grab your camera and go take some shots that capture the heart of your pet or favorite animal, and if you don’t have a camera, contact us, we would love to capture those memories for you before there gone forever.